Readers should read the previous collectible trading card piece: Collectible Trading Cards: Has Time Changed Me? to fully understand the context of this blog entry.


It was all meant to be so simple. A short little blog post about something interesting and slightly unusual that had occurred to me. You don’t often see LEGO trading cards being given away at supermarket shops as a “reward” for spending money, except perhaps at Sainsbury’s. But I was foolish. I was naive. I should have listened to the legends from civilizations gone by. I shouldn’t have been blinded by my own accursed arrogance. But I have somehow managed to unleash the curse of the collectible trading card on myself.

I did not however get any more of these trading cards cards from Sainsbury’s like last time. If I was offered the cards again I would have simply declined the offer. While I understand these cards are free and there is nothing to stop me from taking them, I don’t really have much interest or use for them. If I was a younger however, that would be a different story. Instead I found these cards in the one place I never thought the collectible trading cards would be, a result of the curse I have unleashed upon myself that makes those cursed by Tutankhamen hide their faces in horror and dismay. I found more of these LEGO trading cards in my post. A place where one expects only bills, reminders that your eye-test is due, and the occasional item you’ve forgotten that you had ordered online, but never do you expect trading cards.

I can confidently say I receive more post, more specifically, packages than most people in Britain. Recently I’ve taken to collecting video games to play, and to store on my shelf, meaning I have a lot of packages arriving at my house from various sources. I shiver in dread if every single one of my packages contained more packs of these accursed Lego trading cards. I would be drowning in cardboard and plastic wrapping.


I’m sure this explanation of mine has lead some of my readers to think of the scene from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone movie, where the Dursley’s house is bombarded with letters from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after the Dursley’s burn Harry Potter’s original letter accepting him into Hogwarts. My extreme melodramatic anecdote aside, I was quite surprised to find more of these trading cards in my post. I can safely say that 99% percent of all the items I have purchased online from the UK, the only “surprise” waiting for me alongside my purchased item, is an invoice of my purchase, a guilty reminder of my (sometimes) impulse purchases. Now items from abroad, particularly Japan, it is quite a common sight to receive a small “gift” as a “Thank You” for your purchase. I’ve had origami birds, tea packets, all of which someone can find a use for. But LEGO trading cards, not many people can find a use for that.


How could I have received these cards? Maybe it was a reader who decided to send me more cards as a hilarious practical joke. Perhaps it was fate itself that deemed it necessary for the cards to continue to exist in my life. Or possibly it was somebody trying to get rid of these cards, and thought, “Hey, I’ll shove them in this parcel I’m sending off, I’m sure the person receiving this parcel won’t mind.” These cards were that useless to this person that he couldn’t give them away to anyone he knew, but at the same time, could not bring him or herself to throwing these cards away. Instead give them away to a “lucky” buyer. Whoever you are, thanks, I guess, for cursing me with more of these useless trading cards.


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