Room 633-K has been undergoing some changes recently. I have been modifying this blog to help improve the reading experience of you, the reader. You may be wondering what changes have occurred on Room 633-K, well allow me to explain:

  • I’ve been told by a reader I know personally, that the “Categories” feature did not work. I have completely redone the categories to ensure they work. The categories are also much more streamlined for reader use.
  • Some pictures on certain posts were of a lower quality compared to others. I have gone through all posts and improved the pictures to pictures of a higher quality. For those curious which posts were updated:
  • Perhaps the most obvious change made to Room 633-K was the aesthetics of the front page. I believed the page was bland, and was hard for users to see what posts were available. The front page has been changed to be more accessible for viewers to see what posts are available to be read.
  • All current posts on Room 633-K have new “featured images” that will help make the posts more visually appealing and noticeable. Featured images will also be present on new Room 633-K posts in the future.


But that’s not all I have to write about, I have also decided to layout the future of Room 633-K’s content.

Look forward to even more types of posts in the future…

I am pleased to announce posts on Room 633-K will be more consistent, in terms of publication. I had in recent months, slowed down the quantity of posts published to what I consider an unacceptable level. I will endeavour to publish more content, but retain the same high level of content quality that readers have come to expect on Room 633-K. Future posts on Room 633-K will also become more serialized in the future. :

  • The older style of posts, in which I wrote about something that was on my mind, will remain. This style of blog posting will most likely be the most common on Room 633-K.
  • Reviews! That right folks, the good doctor is giving his diagnosis on various mediums. Comic Books, Novels, Television Shows, Movies and Video Games and more. I will be publishing another post in the immediate future going in-depth about how reviews will work here on Room 633-K.
  • “Throwback Thursday”. My first ever published post on Room 633-K was a Throwback Thursday serial, and is one of the most read pieces on this site. I aim to produce more of these style formats, where I look at something in the various mediums that I cover, that aren’t as relevant nowadays compared to my youth. These posts will be published on various Thursdays.
  • “Flashback Friday”. A brand new series linked to the previously mentioned Throwback Thursday. I will be covering mediums that celebrate an anniversary. These posts will be a mixture of reviews and Throwback Thursdays. Posts of this kind will be published on various Fridays.
  • “My Love-Hate Relationship”. A sporadic series where I will be writing about topics which causes me to feel a unique sense of adoration and contempt. Posts of this type will be rarer than the other series on Room 633-K and will be published sporadically.
  • Other ideas making their debut on Room 633-K includes; “Translations”, for Japanese games I play, and “Narrative Let’s Play’s”/ “After Action Reports”.


Lastly I want to thank you, the readers. The sense of validation from having posts read by readers is truly euphoric. I hope that you will continue to grace me with your viewership in the future of the new and improved Room 633-K.

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Thanks for reading this post on Room 633-K. Have a nice day!